Seniors Chanler, Deleo, Fleming, and Sullivan Win in Council Elections

Juniors Axt, Harrison Also Named; Dudley Bloc Vote Decisive

Heavy Commuter voting demonstrated its effectiveness in the Student Council elections yesterdays as two Dudley Seniors finished with the four Seniors and two Juniors receiving the highest number of tallies on the 1400-plus ballots cast.

Tabulations in the Council office last night showed that the average weighting of House votes in favor of their own members was especially pronounced in the out-of-town group.

Four Seniors Named

Seniors elected were:

Bronson W. Chanler '45, of New York City and Eliot House, who captained last year's Varsity crew.

Michael J. Deleo '45, of Everett, a member of the Dudley House Committee and a participant in Varsity basketball and baseball.

Herold C. Fleming '44, of Atlanta, Georgia, and Leverett House, president of the Radio Workshop, Crimson Network dramatic director, and member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

James J. Sullivan '47, of Everett, a member of the Dudley House Committee and the Council Committee to Revise the Constitution.

Axt, Harrison Win

The two new Junior members of the Council are:

Richard G. Axt '46, of Englewood, New Jersey and Adams House, who was on the Jubilee Committee and Freshman crew in his first year here and who, since his return, has been chairman of the American Veterans Committee, Harvard Chapter, and the Council Constitutional Committee.

William S. Harrison '43, of Milton and Kirkland House, is his House athletic secretary and is a member of the current Varsity football and baseball squads.