Council Group to Explain Work in Network Forums

Constitutional Revisers Speak Tonight and Tomorrow Night On Issues Facing Committee

Its proceedings moving into high gear, the Council Constitution Committee last night scheduled two successive forums to be broadcast over the Crimson Network tonight and tomorrow night. "We want to make the student body aware of what the issues are and get their suggestions and comments," said Chairman Edric A. Weld '46.

On the future schedule of the group are two articles in the CRIMSON explaining the work of the Committee during the last two weeks, and farther into the future, a series of House forums beginning November 11 and possibly concluding with a University-wide open meeting of the Committee.

"This is the only democratic way to work out a new constitution," Weld said last night, pointing out that the dates of the House meetings had been set ahead to the second week in November to make certain that hour examinations would not interfere.

"By the time the constitution is put up for ratification," he stated, "all the students in the College with have had an opportunity to become completely informed and aware of what they are voting for."

Richard G. Axt '46, L. Magruder Passane '46, and Weld will speak on both of the Network broadcasts, with Roger S. Kuhn '46 joining them the first night and William H. Bozman '46 and Raymond J. Considine '48 the second.