Fifty Mermen Out for Landlocked Swimming Maneuvers With Ulen

Coach Greets First Post-War Squad with Genial Optimism

"Yes, the war's over now," remarked Harold C. Ulen, coach of the Varsity swimmers, as the sweating figures which add up to the largest squad turnout is history staggered out of the upstairs exercise room of the Indoor Athletic Building yesterday.

"These boys can really take it," Ulen continues, explaining that he had stepped up the mat pounding conditionions schedule from last year to a session of an hour and a quarter. Last year, with practically an all-Freshman outfit, the "My gang is loaded with talent today, but so is every body else.," he added intimating that his water-war had just really begun.

Ulen promised his squad that swimming practice as it is usually thought of that is to say, in the water will start next week, and only then will he have a real indication of his true strength.

"These fellows don't have to see any water but the spray from the shower," he said, as the last rubbery gaited natator bounced down the stairs. Ulen's system pays off in the won and lost column, despite the fact that several men have asked him, during practices, which or they weren't by mistake, in the presetting class.