Historians to Debate On Paris Conference In Opener of forums

Opening its annual series with a discussion of the Paris Conference by two distinguished historians and the present director of the World Peace Foundation, the Harvard Forum will indicate "The Road To Peace" next Tuesday at 8 o'clock.

Gracing the platform of Emerson D. will be Gaetano Salvemini, du Bosis Lecturer on the history of Italian Civilization, Karl W. Deutsch, assistant professor of History at M.I.T., and Raymond Dennet '36, who is currently preparing a report on the work f the Council of Foreign ministers for the World Peace Foundation.

Salvemini States

Salvemini stated last week in evaluating the work of the Conference that "last time they blundered but with a plan--this time they have again blundered, but without a plan."

Doutsch has assumed a more hopeful outlook on the results achieved at the Conference, partly on his first-hand experience with international diplomacy. He was a member of the International Secretariat of the UN at the San Francisco Conference in 1945, and during the war he served wit the State Department as well as with O.S.S. Dennet, who takes a middle position, held a wartime post with UNRRA.