Thousand to Rally for Crusaders' Defeat; Eleven Shines in Stiff Pre-Game Workout

Cambridge Police Poised to Nip Violence, Threaten to Cancel Eli Weekend Demonstration

Calling for the blood of Holy Cross talented Crusaders, 1,000 wearers of the crimson will wind their way through the streets of Cambridge tonight in the College's first big postwar football rally.

Cambridge police have uttered the warning that unauthorized bonfires and property destruction "will be considered a definite breach of the law," and will put an end to plans for a Yale rally in November. Both the fire and police departments will counter a general ravaging of the city tonight with refusal of permits for further demonstration.

7:30 Beginning

Ten cheerleaders, the band, and members of the undefeated Varsity eleven will meet rooters at University Hall at 7:30 and make their way over the familiar route past the Houses, along the banks of the Charles, and back to the steps of the indoor Athletic Building.

There Torby MacDonald, one of Laman who saw the Crimson through the harrowing years of informal football and now builds varsities in is freshman coaching position, will speak along with any grid-men the crowd may press to words.


Big Turnout Seen

With Dick Harlow's aggregation finally at midseason trim and with its first real test before them, head cheerleader and master of ceremonies Gerald S. Spar '48 looks forward to the biggest gown turnout the town has seen in many a year.

Sportswriters the country over have have their eye on the team that has stopped four opponents for almost no gain and has reeled off yardage with devastating precision. Holy Cross, with a host of Orange Bowl veterans in the lineup and a 200-pound line to open the holes, is too good a team to stay in the loss column of the Sunday papers forever, and rooters from Cambridge to Worcester consider it possible that it may break loose tomorrow. There is no team the Purple would rather break loose against than Harvard.