Booters Prepare for M.I.T. in Scrimmage

Varsity soccer practice followed the usual pattern yesterday afternoon on the Business School Field. Coach MacDonald split the squad into A and B teams and held a routine scrimmage from 4 o'clock to 5 o'clock with the A team finally coming out on top by the score of 5 to 3.

The size of the squad was somewhat reduced because of minor injuries suffered last Saturday in the Dartmouth game by several members of the team and a recurrence of chronic absenteeism. Gus Seamans, first-string halfback, who did not go with the team to Dartmouth because of two injured knees, was at practice today and will be available for Saturday's game with M.I.T.

Coach "Poley" Guyda spent the practice trying to work up the offense of his still undefeated Yardlings. He switched his first-string fullbacks to the second team and held a lengthy scrimmage with the second team, surprisingly enough winning out over the first-stringers. Guyda is especially high over the play of his two fullbacks, Mike Scully and Bill Harrop, considering their work to be largely responsible for the team's success so far this season.

The team wishes to express its thanks to Dr. Ballenger, who went to Hanover in his own car to look after the squad in the Dartmouth contest.