Lowell Rings Bell 7-6, Ding Dongs Dudley as Funsters Prevail 12-0

Lowell went to the well three times yesterday but was only able to fill the bucket once to nose out a scrappy Dudley eleven, 7 to 6, for its first victory of the House football season. On the neighboring gridiron, Dunster continued its winning ways by downing Winthrop, 12 to 0.

Twice in the waning minutes of the game, the Bellboys were thwarted by penalties and incompleted passes, with the ball inside the Dudley 10 yard stripe. But, late in the second quarter, they had already made one threat good; and that proved to be all they needed.

Score by Air

After the Lowell line had pushed the Dudley men back deep into their own territory, the Bellboys took over at mid-field and marched to the 12 where Pat Bowditch hit Loring Briggs with an aerial for the first score. Dan Silver converted for what was the winning margin. Herb Allard's 40-yard runback of an interception and a recovered fumble set up the other threats.

In Dudley's first play in the second half, Bill Billings, aided by a key block from Steve Gilman, slithered through the Lowell secondary before being shoved outside on the Bellboy 10. Three plays were stopped just two feet short of paydirt; on the last, Billings went over standing up.

The Dunster-Winthrop tussle was pretty much a Funster affair all the way, although the second tally didn't come until the last play of the game. That was the result of a 30-yard journey by Chuck MacDonald after snagging a last-ditch Puritan pass. Jim Aldrich swept around end for the initial six points, both scores coming in the second half.