Thirteen Get Stipends Under New National Scholarships for Veterans

Thirteen undergraduates, the majority of whom have service records of three to four years, have been awarded Veterans' National Scholarships under a program established by the University last April according to an announcement by Francis S. Von Stade, Director of Scholarships in the College.

The awards, which were set up to augment the national scholarship program inaugurated by President Conant in 1934, are awarded ordinarily for two terms to veterans whose education has been interrupted by service in the armed forces. They are open to any student who has served in the armed forces of the United Nations, former members of the American Field Service or the U. S. Merchant Marine.

Based on grades, character, extra-curricular activities, and intellectual promise, the stipends are varied according to the needs of the individual.

Those who received scholarships are: Robert K. Bingham '48, Albert R. Childs '49, Charles R. Conklin '48, Frank H. David '49, Joseph D. Everingham '49, Leon W. Green '48, John E. Kneisel '48, James B. Field '47, Richard L. Johnson '47, Richard G. Kleindieust '47, Donald H. Miller '47, Richard P. Rosenthal '49, and Francis M. Wilhoit '49.

Ten of the recipients served in the Army, two in the Navy, and one in the Coast Guard with their ranks ranging from private to major.