Soccer Team Goes After Its Third Win of Year Against Bruins Today

Revised Lineup Face brown on Busy School Field; Unbeaten Freshmen Seek Ninth Victory

Looking about the best it has all season, the Varsity soccer team will be trying to keep the form it has shown in practice this week when it faces a hot and cold eleven from brown University at 12 o'clock on the Business School Field.

On the basis of comparative records both teams rate on a par, with the Crimson perhaps having a slight edge. Both have lost to the University of Connecticut booters, but the Bears have also lost to Worcester Polytech, a team which the Varsity tied early in the season 5 to 5. Today's game should give some indication of how the Crimson will fare against Yale next week, for the Bruins have a tie with the Elis behind them.

This week Coach MacDonald has been stressing offensive plays in long Varsity Freshman scrimmages, and the first string forward line appears to be clicking with a regularity it has not shown all season. The return of Al Merck to the squad should holster the defense, and leaves the team well backed with reserves for every position.

Riding on the crest of eight wins and one tie with no defeats, Coach Poley Guyda's freshman soccer team goes out for the ninth win of the season against the brown 50's today at 2 o'clock on the Business School Field. The Brown Freshmen have not had an impressive record this season, but tomorrow they may rely on Freshman veterans on the Varsity squad to strengthen their starting team.

Scrimmages with the Varsity every day this week have not given the undefeated Yardlings a chance to go stale while their forward line with Register, Spivak, Wallace, and Chen as standouts has given the Varsity defensemen many troublesome moments. HARVARD  BROWN Harshman  g.  Evans Forster  rfb.  Campbell Merck  lfb.  Groth Mavor  rhb.  Classon Ogden  chb.  Schaller Purluton  lhb.  Schopf Chun  orf.  Massare Lazarue  irf.  Bradley Potter  cf.  Antone Morse  ilf.  Ross Corrigan  olf.  Bellows