Bears Tie Soccer Eleven, 1-1, with Last Period Goal

Morse Boots in Single Crimson Tally; Left Fullback Forster Snaps Ankle, Out for Season

A goal scored from a free kick in the fourth quarter enabled a hard-fighting team from Brown to tie the Varsity soccer eleven 1 to 1 last Saturday on the Business School Field. The Crimson scored first early in the second half, but after Brown had knotted the count, they could not tally again although the contest lasted through two overtime periods.

The first half saw both teams pressing hard to score, but neither was able to coordinate its attack, and the play consisted largely of long kicks up and down the field. Then the Crimson forwards managed to get their passing settled down, and Hugh Morse tapped in a kick from his right wing Kenny Chun with Phil Potter redirecting the pass onroute.

Twenty minutes later the Bruins tied up the contest on as freakish a play as has occurred this season. When the ball went out of bounds in fairly deep Harvard territory, the Crimson right wing threw it in to his halfback. The half-back, evidently thinking that he should make the throw-in, picked up the ball and started to the sidelines. The referee blew his whistle, ruled that a legal throw-in had been made, and called a hands penalty on the Crimson. On the subsequent free kick, Guiseppo Antone nudged the ball in for the only Brown score.

The contest was an expensive one for the Crimson because in the third period Dick Forster, starting left fullback, suffered a broken ankle when he collided with a Bruin bringing the ball down the sidelines. He will be out for the rest of the season.