Enrollment High To Last Through Year, Says Buck

New, Returning, and Previously Accepted Veterans Will Keep Attendance at Autumn Total

Peak enrollment has already been reached, for the College at least, according to advance term estimates released yesterday by Paul H. Buck, Provost of the University.

No reduction in the present figure of 5430 undergraduates in contemplated although the 375 veterans returning to College or formerly admitted but never attended fail to compensate for the 465 who will leave because of graduation, "academic mortality" or withdrawal.

Admission of more "new" veterans recommended by Dean Bender will make up the difference between the number of those whom the College is committed to accept and the present inflated total.

Numbers to Continue High

Although the pressure is off the Administration for the first time in a year, Provost Buck declared that the University would continue to extend itself as long as considerable numbers of eligible veterans contine to seek admission.

Even when G.I. Bill students dwindle, Buck considers that the fact that "higher education is contagious" and that more school boys than ever before realize the value of a college education will keep the number of applicants at a higher level than the usual.

While the crisis for the College has apparently passed, the Provost pointed out that the graduate schools have yet to feel the post-war "hump." Symptomatic is the grand total of 1800 for February looked for in the School of Arts and Sciences