Varsity, Freshman Soccer Squads Prime for Yale Games Tomorrow

With the Big Three soccer championship at stake, Coach Mac MacDonald has been driving his Varsity soccer team hard all week to get them ready for Friday afternoon's game with the Elis. For the last three days scrimmages with the undefeated Freshman eleven have lasted until well after darkness has fallen with the booters running hard through the whole of the two-hour encounters.

Emphasizing passing and team play, MacDonald is trying hard to transform the soccermen from the hot and cold outfit they have been all season to a steady, coordinated eleven. "We have not had a particularly good season this year," MacDonald said yesterday, "but it is a good team and I think chances are pretty good for taking Yale."

On comparative records the Harvard and Yale teams are about as evenly matched as is possible. Both have tied Princeton and Brown and each has lost to Dartmouth by the margin of three goals. The Elis beat Connecticut 2 to 0, however, while the Crimson lost to the Huskies 2 to 1 looking about as bad as they have this fall.

Injuries should not handicap the MacDonaldmen too much. Dick Forster, starting fullback in most of the games this year, who broke his ankle in the Brown game Saturday, is the only serious loss, since Jocko Smith and Gus Seamans have both recovered from injuries suffered earlier in the season.

The unbeaten Freshman eleven with a record of nine wins and one tie behind them also face the unbeaten Yale Freshmen on Friday afternoon. The Elis have tied with the Princeton Freshmen while the Yardlings did not have the Tigers scheduled this year.

Daily scrimmages with the Varsity have put the Yardlings in top form for their season's finale, and Coach Poley Guyda feels he is fielding the best Freshman team he has had in ten years here.

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