Plans for Forum On Constitution Fixed by Council

Tentative Provisions of Draft Constitution Fix Procedure For House-Based Elections

Plans for a series of House forums to cover various unsettled aspects of the new Council constitution were released last night by Edric A. Weld '46, together with tentative drafts of the major part of the Constitution's first two articles.

The House forums are scheduled for next week, with two falling on Tuesday two on Wednesday, one on Thursday, Two other Houses--probably Eliot and Kirkland, according to Weld--will have their forums on Monday and Tuesday, December 8 and 9.

Straw Ballots at Forums

Weld said that the main feature of the forums will be a straw ballot on the elective-appointive proportions issue, and the House and class method of representation on the Council. The ballots will also seek to determine whether students consider a referendum necessary to the ratification of the completed document.

The proposed draft of Articles One and Two of the new constitution cover the methods of nomination and election in the Houses extensively, but omit the section dealing with the composition of the Council, since, Weld said, this question will eventually be decided by the student body.


Nominations at Open Meetings

Agreement has been general on the Committee that at least part of the representation on the Council should be effected by House elections. If the new proposals are adopted, nominations will be made from the floor at an open meeting in the Houses, under Council auspices, with 15 per cent of the House membership constituting a quorum.

Additional names may be added to the slate of nominations under provisions of the Constitution.

A preferential ballot will be used in the House elections, according to the draft, with each voter expressing a first, second, and third choice.