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Voracious Diners Get Ample Festive Turkey In Fat Second Rounds


"Please, sir, may I have some more," was not met yesterday with the common Twistian rebuff in the House Dining Halls. Chowline slingers dished out a total of 5000 pounds of "noble bird" in second and third helpings upon a slimmed undergraduate population.

Making the extra helpings possible was an exodus of weekenders that began Wednesday night, and settled by noon of Thanksgiving day to a steady trickle. Despite the best efforts of the State Police, crimson-cravatted hitch-hikers were scattered on most of the southerly roads.

To New York by Thumb

"New York or bust," was the motto of most, who grew progressively more uneasy under darkening skies yesterday Meanwhile their friends back at the College were busting without even an attempt at the New York hop.

Parties and informal entertainments were sharply curtailed due to the inflation and Yale Game pinch. Some enterprising individuals in the river Houses managed to furnish enough watered Scotch and sherry for token Thanksgiving celebration.

Apple cider, commonly associated in New England environs with the first Pilgrim Harvest, was also in evidence about College rooms. One straitened but ingenious host placed a quart in his closet uncorked. "It'll be better next year, the natural reward for abstinence," said the Economics major.

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