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By Richard W. Wallach

Offers of a substantial reward were added last night to the sleuthings of the New England Head of the Burns International Detective Agency, M. T. Christy, in a heightened effort to locate Thomas H. West, Jr. '50, who still remains an object of an interstate search that has lasted twelve days.

Taking personal command of a doubled force, assistant manager Ralph E. Owen was reconstructing yesterday West's movements during his last week here, in investigations that led the detective from the Pot of Gold, a Scollay Square Tavern, to the Ritz Carleton Hotel. He reported numerous identifications, but stressed that many of them were unreliable.

Hotel Check Fruitless

Hotels and lodging houses within a 50-mile radius received bulletins from Christy's office in this morning's mail with a full description of the vanished Freshman, but not word has been heard as yet from the alerted room clerks. Equally unproductive have been river-bank and harbor draggings in the Boston Basin.

Although Owen could establish that West was in the company of Miss Jean Law, 20-yard old teacher in the Park School, Brookline every night of his last week in the University, his further interrogations yielded nothing new except a more complete itinerary of the pair's night life.

Still speculating about "the little private bar" West declared was his destination in his farewell note, Christy called upon "the typical Harvard student" to think about where he would go if looking for a beer on a warm October afternoon with only a couple of hours to spare.

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