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While the tutorial system languishes on its "firmer footing," the need for just this type of instruction reaches a new height. As 2500 undergraduate veterans prepare to take divisional and general examinations, they race the complete absence of refresher instruction which might bridge the gap between 1942's basic courses and 1946's advanced work. Individually, the departments of the College have shown no interest in preparing for these exams the veteran who is not an honors' candidates. If tutorial on the traditional plan is currently beyond the ken of the administration, the Houses may well step into the gap, offering members of their staffs as part-time tutors in a wide refresher effort.

In addition to serving what appears to be a genuine need on the part of many veterans, this form of House activity might serve as a useful function for staff members whose connection with the House and its going-on has been purely nominal. In this twin role, a series of review sections in each field requiring the graduation exams would identify non-resident members of the House staff with the House, and lend the seven divisions of the College something more than a dormitory aspect. Although this type of project has no precedent in the short history of the House Plan, there is no reason why it right not be fitted to the current need.

From the point of view of veterans who have been gone for two or three years, the divisional and general exams pone a real mental hazard. Within each House there are an estimated 100 men who will take these tests lacking any tutorial preparation, and with brief notes and infrequent conferences as the only means of resurrecting what went on three or four years ago. Departments of the College have shown willingness to supply reading lists, a sample of the staff of one House shows an enthusiasm to go ahead with the plan. Certainly the Masters could do no better than offer their returned members this necessary service.

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