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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I have noticed that the boys from the Necco factory annex down the river have used up the ten minutes allowed for liberal arts courses by taking time to squawk about the name of a bridge. It is not enough that they have the Tek Tooth Brush and the Gillette Tech Razor (and who can deny the utility of these gifts of science). Now they want a bridge.

In The Tech of last Friday, there were such phrases as "Is the Harvard Crimson so bound up in national politics that it cannot descend from its lofty perch to meddle in petty school affairs?" and "The Tech will carry the battle to the very halls of the State Legislature and will pursue this cause until cause until definite action has been taken."

Fight on! O Tech! This is but the first step in the Great Cause. Perhaps some day--yes, you will have a Dick Tracy character bearing your proud and glorious name. D. E. Gardner '48.

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