House Squash Games Will Start on Monday

Adolph. W. Samborski, Director of Intramural Athletics, announced plans yesterday for the Inter-House Squash Competition which will have its season's inaugural on next Monday, when House racqueteers take to the courts to uphold their respective domiciles.

Each House will have two squads with is five most outstanding wielders comprising the League A team and secondary minaries making up the League B representation. One complete round of matches will be battled out before the Christmas vacation, will all contests starting at 4:30 o'clock.

The schedule:

Dec. 16 Adams A at Dunster A

Winthrop A at Eliot A


Dunster B at Adams B

Kirkland B at Lowell B

c. 17 Lowell A at Kirkland A

Eliot B at Winthrop B

Dec. 18 Eliot A at Adams A

Kirkland A at Winthrop A

Leverett A at Lowell A

Adams B at Eliot B

Lowell B at Leverett B

Dec. 19 Winthrop B at Kirkland B