Swimming Squad Readies for hard Winter Schedule

Team Has Candidates for Each Event; Coach Plans Practice Sessions Over the Holidays

Rather than let his swimmers roast off New Year's Eve in a Turkish bath, Hal Ulen, Varsity swimming coach, has made arrangements to have the facilities of the Indoor Athletic Building available for them during the last three, or possibly four, days of the Christmas recess.

Ulen said he would try to have the pool opened during the morning hours of January 2 through 5 to provide an ample practice schedule for the men who turned up.

No formal time trial results were prepared for release yesterday, but the coach said his events would be well padded with talent in time for the opener with M.I.T. next Wednesday.

Preparations for the low board duel coming up against the Techmen are also looking bright coach Bernie Kelly reports, as the dives of Tommy Drohan acquire more polish daily.

Kelly also noted the acceptance by the N.C.A.A. of two former "stunt dives" as regular events, both packing high degrees of difficulty. Developed at Ohio State, a running double twisting forward one-and-a-half somersault, has been rated at 2.8, and a back one-and-one-half twisting somersault carries 2.6 as its multiple.