Bilbo Hearing Turns into Brawl; Railroad Wreck Is Fatal to 18; Ministers Approve Disarmament

Congressman Kicks Witness

WASHINGTON, December 13 -- The Senate inqquiry into Senator Theodore G. Bilbo's dealings with war contractors recessed in tumult today when former Representative Ross Collins of Mississippi knocked a witness out of his chair and rained kicks and blows upon him.

The witness, Robert Gandy, Baptist church deacon, insurance man, and political associate of Bilbo's, had been testifying about an arrangement under which, he said, part of a $25,000 campaign contribution by a war contractor was to have been paid to Collins.

Calling Gandy a "damn liar," Collins rushed. He upset the witness chair. Gandy sprawled on the floor and Collins began pounding and kicking him.

Capitol police moved in, warded off Collins and assisted Gandy to his feet. On motion of Senator Ferguson (R-Mich), the Senate War Investigating Subcommittee then recessed the hearing.

Gandy said he suffered only a sprained wrist.


Gandy testified that he was treasurer of an "informal committee" trying to elect Doxey. He said Bilbo was a member of the committee.

Gandy related that Bilbo came to Doxey's hotel headquarters in Jackson and asked him to cash the checks.