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'Much better than the Old Howard," was the delighted answer of one young Wellesley girl when asked how she liked the food and floor-show in the Union. Her remark was typical of the attitude of the many goggle-eyed females there for the first time on Saturday.

The revolutionary step of making the Union co-ed over the weekends, inaugurated last week, however, was met with diverse comments by the serving girls and the Yardlings.

Miss Eleanor Crosbee, name-checker and soup-server, remarked that the new ruling, though possibly it cut down the number of applications for dates, didn't really affect her much personally. "Why should I care," she cooed, "there are enough passes being made around here and then some. I'm no prig."

From her vantage point behind the meat and scraps Miss Mary O'Brien cast a motherly eye around the dining hall before answering. "Let them have their fun," she declared. "I don't care. My interests lie elsewhere."

Speaking for the Yardling, Relf Thyrre '50, while keeping a protective cye on his Connectent College girl, who was deep in conversation with her male neighbor, stated that "though dangerous." eating in the Union was really "okay, and good for the bank account too."

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