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In their second intercollegiate match of the season, the Crimson squashmen on Saturday scored a decisive 8 to 1 victory over Darthmouth, thus maintaining their unbroken string of victories over the Green racqueteers and avenging the defeat of last year's informal team.

Pleased with the squad's performance against a favored Indian aggregation, Coach Jack Barnaby said that the team showed a big improvement and was a lot better than it had been against McGill the week before.

The Varsity, with few men who had been in intercollegiate competition before this year, disposed of a much more experienced Dartmouth squad in quick order, even though unaccustomed to the Dartmouth courts which have unpainted floors different from those of the University courts. In a special exhibition match by two top professionals before the varsity games, Darnaby defeated the Hauoverian coach, Red Hoohn, 3 to 1.

The Summary:

Adam Foster (H) defeated Straw (D) 3-1; Barrett (D) defeated Bill Wightman (H), 3-2; Parker Francis (H) defeated Harimann (D)3-1; Bob Sturgis (R) defeated Mann (D) 3-1; Sootty Stowart (H) defeated Bates (D), 3-1; Dave Shepared (H) defeated Chambers (D), 3-0; George Stovens (H) defeated Kenworthy (D), 3-1; Don O'Callaghan (H) defeated McCean (D), 3-1; Max Tuffs (H) defeated Wottrick, (D), 3-0.

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