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The Playgoer

At the Shubert


Out-Hollywooding Hollywood is the keynote of the brilliant musical opening at the Shubert. "Stars in Your Eyes," book by J. P. McEvoy, in spite of its cowboy and the lady type of plot, really comes from behind spectacular scenery changing and lighting to give thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.

Jimmy Durante, quelle schnozzola, and Ethel Merman, quelle throat, carry the comedy end of the play along ably between the many sure laugh lines that stud the production. At times the two principals have such fun themselves that they have to take time out to laugh at their jokes. Mildred Natwick is secondary on the comedy end of the musical only because she has a minor part, but she makes one wish that she were more prominent. One of the best lines in the show is spoken by Durante as he discovers two fond lovers in embrace on the set, "Casual weather we're having."

Relegated to a short scene is the best song of the production, "Swing to the Left," which will probably never become too popular because of its "social signif." The key song is "This Is It" which owes its predominance to the Durante-Merman technique. A torchy song that will probably make the popularity rolls is "Just a Little Bit More."

The book was coherent to a remarkable degree and at times it dropped from the trite flight into Hollywood satire to the more timely type of social and political satire.

Best scene is the dream scene where at the court of the czar, Ethel Merman and Jimmy Durante stop the show indefinitely.

Players we'd like to see more of tapdancers Dawn Roland and Rennie McEvoy.

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