Campbell Scores Failure of '47 to Reorganize Class

Student Council President Says Class May Be Without Album, Committee, Unless It Acts

In an appeal to the war-confused Class of '47, Levin II. Campbell, 3rd '48, Student Council president, last night called for reorganization of the class' long dormant activities.

Campbell stated that unless some activity manifests itself among the members of the class and the temporary committee headed by Nathan Weston '47, there will be a "danger of having neither a Permanent Class Committee nor an Album."

Citing the Council's willingness to cooperate with the class, he urged that at least a "minimum amount of time be spent in drawing up plans for a nominating committee and class elections."

War Disrupted Class

The apparent apathy of the class's temporary committee is a result of the fact that '47 was hard hit by the war. Entering College in the spring and fall of '43, its ranks were quickly thinned by the draft and voluntary enlistments.


In addition, many members of the class, who were fortunate enough to remain in College during the war years, took accelerated courses and have already graduated, while most of those who were in service now find themselves several years behind.

The '47 Red Book, affected seriously by the mass exodus, was finally published shortly before that of '48 but since that time there has been little class activity.

Permanent Committee Necessary

Although existing, a s a class, in name only, it will be through the Permanent Committee that members of '47 will maintain contact with each other and with the University, and it will be the elected editorial board that will publish the '47 Album.

Campbell called on all members of the class interested in organizing the nominating committee to see the Student Council or to work with the remaining members of the temporary committee. Initiative must be shown, Campbell said, or a class organization will never be formed.