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Seeking to spike rumors that the American Veterans' Committee is an organization composed primarily of "East Coast college intellectuals," Charles G. Bolte, AVC head and author of "The New Veteran," stated in Cambridge AVC headquarters on Saturday that his organization cut across all cultural, social, geographical, and economic lines in its membership.

Bolte admitted, however, that there were AVC chapters already established in most of the major colleges across the nation. He claimed that the month-old Cambridge chapter, with a membership of nearly 150, was only 50 percent students.

AVC support of political measures, such as the Wyatt housing bill, will not extend, Bolte said, to supporting or attacking individual Congressional candidates in the election year campaigns. He said that AVC would take a stand on issues, but not on candidates.

The AVC, however, will try, by judicious use of a small but articulate membership to force candidates of opposing parties to endorse measures desired by AVC. "We are not an ordinary pressure group," the AVC head stated.

Bolte also revealed that plans are being drawn up to make the AVC an international organization. Invitations have been sent to veterans organizations of other United Nations, asking them to send representatives to the AVC constitutional convention slated to be held in Des Moines, Iowa, in June of this year.

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