Department Head Confirms Plans to Suspend Ec Tutors

Enlarged Staff May Permit Reconsideration in Future

Corroboration of rumors about tutorial in economics came from Harold H. Burbank, David A. Wells Professor of Political Economy and Chairman of the Economics Department, last night, when he revealed that the department "has voted to suspend all intorial instruction for a period of not more than two years and to reconsider the question before the end of the two-year period."

The decision will affect all students in the department, and will go into effect at the end of this term. Seniors writing theses will, however, have advisers to assist them in their work, Burbank said.

One More Voice

Professor Burbank added one more faculty voice to the group in various departments which holds that men to carry on the tutorial system are not available in numbers sufficient to handle the influx of students.

"Before the war," Professor Burbank said, "the Economics Department had almost 40 junior members who bore the brunt of the tutorial program. This number dropped to three during to war, and many of the young men we need are still in Washington or France despite the end of the war. The enrollment of the graduate school is new double its peace-time total, and undergraduate courses are flooded, too. We must build our staff before reconsidering tutorial."


Statement Corroborated

Letters from various members of the Department to the Undergraduate General Education Committee backed up the statement of its chairman, with the general feeling that courses must come first in any priority list. At least two men, however, cast doubts upon the Department's ability to restore tutorial after a lapse.

Said one Department member: "I fear that resumption of such (tutorial) instruction after a period of suspension would be very difficult and on the whole improbable."