Committee Urges Support Of Plan by Administration

Asserting that the present University administration looks upon tutorial as "a fifth wheel and a none too round one at that, "the Student Council Committee on General Education, in a report released today, recommended the adoption of a "positive University policy which will be a source of continuous nourishment to the tutorial system."

Based upon committee research and over 60 replies to the March 6 Council letter to faculty members, the report, which will be widely distributed throughout the University, was prepared in answer to recent faculty "antipathy toward tutorial."

Reductions of tutorial in all but one College department are intended to be permanent, the report revealed, and are the result of an administrative policy of allowing the system to die by a process of "slow starvation."

The Committee pointed out that, while it was not opposed to the faculty action of last December when restricting tutorial to honors candidates and Sophomores in Group Four and above, it strongly supported the view of the 1939 Committee of Eight, in its belief that "the future of tutoring at Harvard should not be a mere by-product of changes made for reasons of finance or personnel, but should be judged in its own right and planned with a view to the maximum efficiency."

Dealing with what it called a "deep, long-standing, and complex situation," the Committee divided the issues into dropping bombs on Russia. Many people who talk so glibly about dropping these bombs neglect the consequences of such action. It would mean that the draft would be extended indefinitely; recenversion would be ended indefinitely; we would be forced to police the world."


Miss Sergio, who had spent the morning at Hunter College at the UNO Security Council, said, "At the UNO his morning, men were saying things that might very easily bring war, might at least make Russia war out of the UNO