Eighty-Four Men On Winter Clubs Win HAA Letters

Thirty-Nine Get Major Awards As Committee Waives Yale Game Regulation for Seven

Major letters will be awarded to 39 members of the Varsity Basketball, Hockey, Swimming, and Track teams and minor letters to 45 members of the Varsity Squash Wrestling, Jayvee Basketball and Hockey teams, Carroll F. Getchell of the H. A. A. announced yesterday.

In addition to letters automatically awarded to those who competed against Yale, major letters will be given to Willard H. McDaniel '47, Stephen F. Davis '49, and Roger Petrillo '49, who played in the N. C. A. A. basketball tournament, William M. Ayres '47, captain of the hockey team, who was prevented by illness from playing in the Yale game, and John W. Fisher '45, William O. Fisher '45, and Peter G. Harwood '47 who played in the I. C.-4A track meet.

The other team members who will receive the Major Basketball H are Paul W. Champion NROTC '46, John D. Clark '48, Louis Decai, Jr. NROTC '46, John W. Gautt '47, Wyndol W. Gray NROTC '46, captain, Saul Mariaschin '47, Donald B. Swegan NROTC '46, and Henry D. Souvain '46, manager.

Major Hockey H's will be presented to Jerome E. Andrews, Jr. '47, Barry A. Carson '49, John T. Coan, Jr. '49, Robert Cowen, 2nd '47, John Crocker, Jr. '46, Thomas E. Frothingham '47, William T. Glidden, 3rd '45, Richard S. Greeley '49, Kenneth Howes, Jr. '46, John H. Knowles '47, George R. Minot, 2nd '49, George H. Tilghman '48, and Galen L. Stone '43, manager.

The Major Swimming H will be awarded to Thomas E. Drohan '49, Hiram H. Heolzer '49, Frank A. Krayer '47, captain, Forbes H. Norris, Jr. '49, Howard K. Simpson '49, Robert L. Snow '49, John G. Watkins, Jr. '46, and Henry S. Bennett '49, manager.


Jayvee Awards

Those on the Jayvee basketball team to receive the Minor Basketball H are Robert R. Bramhall '49, Walter H. Butler, Jr. '46, Robinson O. Everett '48, Fred W. Flickenger '46, Ledger D. Free '48, Joseph P. McDermott '47, Russel G. Means NROTC '46, Leopold M. Page, Jr. '47, Frank N. Pierce NROTC '46, James H. Powell '49, Leonard Ragozin '49, Gunther K. Rosinus '49, Raymond F. Sullivan '47, Thomas E. Tennant '47, and Jack G. Wiechman '48, manager.

Members of the Jayvee Hockey team who will receive the Minor Hockey H are Francis X. Bradley '49, Hamilton Coolidge '46, Robert G. Gardner '48, Richard S. Humphrey, Jr. '47, John E. Lavelle '46, Laurens MacLure '49, Charles T. Malton, Jr. '49, Jefferson S. Smith '48, Davis S. Thompson '49, Elmer L. Ward, Jr. '49, and Stephen L. Washburn '49.

Minor H's will be awarded to Robert L. Clarkson, Jr. '47, Milton S. Heath, Jr, '49, John H. Knowles '47, Murray B. Levin '48, William M. Mayleas '46, Charles W. Mulcahy, Jr. '43 ocC., captain, Stanley R. Rowe '46, David G. Shepard '46, Robert W. Young, Jr. '45, and Melvin L. Bergheim '48, manager of the Varsity Squash Racquets team.