No Wellesley Girls Here to Refute Billy Rose's "Pretty Girls Don't Go to College"

Billy Rose is a fat little entrepreneur with a beautiful wife who never went to college. Yesterday Billy Rose made a show biz generalization: not only did his wife never go to college, but "with very few exceptions beautiful girls don't go to college." Just as nice as that.

It all came about, according to the United Press, when Billy was asked to pick Mississippi State College's most beautiful co-ed. Where is Mississippi State College, anyway, and what does it want? Mr. Rose demurred. "Judging beauty is an important part of my business," he said. "This year I've waded through pictures of hundreds, possibly thousands, of college girls trying to find the prettiest for their class magazines.

"I start out anxious to find some fresh beauty, a fascinating face, a pretty pair of legs, a gorgeous figure. But I'm convinced that with very few exceptions beautiful girls don't go to college.

"It seems to me that when a girl realizes she has a gorgeous figure she figures she doesn't have to fool around with higher figures. When a girl is beautiful she either marries, goes into show business or becomes a model. She doesn't go to college."

Of course the current Miss America is a New York co-ed. And some of our best friends are Radcliffe girls. Wellesley girls return from vacation today; not enough of them were around last night to make up a scientific cross-section, but one pretty senior said something about a "Rose by any other name" and asked a little archly, "Do you think I'm so bad?" She wasn't. In fact, she was just like mother used to make, only more so.


The Jubilee committee wanted a plug in here, too. All they'd say about Mr. Rose's comments was, "Don't believe what you read in the papers."

Perhaps the significant part about all this is that the publicity agents are back in the colleges. Ann Sheridan, Lampy's Ibis-everyone's trying to get into the set. Watch your neighborhood theatre for a now upsurge of Joe College movies. The girls are always beautiful in these, anyway.