Parking Problem Stymies Council

Search for Suitable Lot Nets Only Area Behind Mather; Student Policing Requested

Trapped between stay-off-the-street regulations and the garage shortage, student car-owners will have to secure their own solution to the parking problem for the present, declared Arthur C. McGill '48 last night as he disclosed the negative result of more than a week of Student Council attempt at cracking the problem.

The chief trouble in obtaining parking space on University land, stated McGill, is the Business Officer's insistence on student regulation of the property chosen. According to Aldrich Durant '02, lack of student control would imply University responsibility for the automobiles parked on its land. At present it is not prepared to take that burden.

Mather Hall Site Rejected

After consideration of this factor, the only local site which remained a possibility was the plot behind Mather Hall. Since new construction is planned for this land, both the Student Council and the business office did not consider the expense of renovation worthwhile; for construction would result in total loss of the proposed parking lost outlay.

To aid the searchers, McGill also urged that students with suggestions or ideas on alleviating the Problem contact him at his room, in Lowell House P-22. "I'll welcome them with an open parking meter," he said.