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Duhig Censors Group's Flyers Opposing Private Enterprise, Seeking Gradual Socialism


Committed to the same principles that characterized its English fore bearer, opposition to the system of private enterprise and advocacy of evolutionary socialism, the New Fabian Society will hold its first meeting in the Adams House Upper Common Room at 8 o'clock tonight.

Undergraduate creators of the new organization doubted earlier yesterday that the meeting would be held, because of the "censorship" of a printed declaration of principles by Charles W. Duhig, assistant dean of the College. The controversial flyers, which were to be distributed throughout the Houses, were replaced later in the day by poster announcements, and the meeting was rescheduled according to plan.

A spokesman for the group declared, however, that they would protest Duhig's decision to higher University officers.

The objectionable flyer read, in part: "The capitalist order everywhere is collapsing. It has been able to produce neither peace nor justice.... It cannot be trusted with democracy.... In its march for individual riches it has been willing to sacrifice the... peace of the world. Unless our civilization is reorganized at its foundations we shall not survive."

The political, society, claiming no official backing, released a list of sponsors which named three faculty members, as well as three undergraduates, three graduates, and three Radcliffe students.

The three faculty sponsors are Alfred S. Coolidge, lecturer on Chemistry, Herman Finer, visiting lecturer on Government, and Caleb A. Smith, instructor in Economics.

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