Finer Leaves, Takes Position With Chicago

Visiting Lecturer Will Continue Teaching Here Until Fall

Herman Finer, visiting lecturer on Government, has accepted a post associate professor of Government at the University of Chicago, he revealed last week. The appointment is effective at the beginning of the fall term.

Continues Here During Summer

He will continue teaching here during the remainder of the current term and throughout the summer. Arriving from the London School of Economics, he took up his duties at the University in the summer of 1944. During the war his largest course was Gov. 8, Comparative Government. In addition to graduate work, he is currently offering Gov. 15, a study of International Organization.

Finer's most recently published book was "Road to Reaction," an answer to Friedrich Hayek's volume "Road to serfdom."

Recently he participated in a debate with Cord Meyer, Jr. at Wellesley on the subject of world government immediately as opposed to the support of the UN. Finer argued in favor of the United Nations, expressing the opinion that it is impossible to achieve anything nearer a world federation in the present stage of international relations and human thought.