Hotel Housing Is A Possibility for Married Veteran

Survey of Men and Wives Will Determine if Arrangements Should Be Carried Through

Negotiations with Boston hotels to acommodate married student veterans hinge on a survey of applicants' tastes, Donald D. Hathaway, director of the Strans Hall Housing office, disclosed yesterday. Until arrangements become more definite, the six possible hotels will not be named.

The survey, now being conducted by the Housing Office, will ascertain whether the married veterans would live in hotels if given the opportunity.

Hathaway said that rooms would be rented to students by the hotels on terms suggested by the University--$65 per month rent maximum plus, preferably, a two-meal rate of $1.20 a day, breakfast and supper. One hotel has already been scratched from the list of possibilities because of food prices higher than the University maximum.

The search for extra room space for student veterans was undertaken in anticipation of increasing pressure on existing facilities in the Summer and Fall terms, and as a result of a housing survey made recently by the Straus Hall office. This survey indicated that of the couples who had no children, 58 per cent were willing to pay from $50 to $75 per month for rooms, while of those couples who had two children, 23 per cent would be able to afford over $100 a month for living quarters.

These figures are in contrast with the announced prices of the Federal Housing units, which go at $35 a month for three room units, and $30 a month for double rooms, none of which are heated.


Meanwhile, reports that the four-family house being built on Grant Street, near Leverett House, was to be used for married veterans were not confirmed by Hathaway, who said that the house would probably be occupied by faculty members.

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