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Coach Bob Maddux's much improved lacrosse team made it two straight victories last Saturday when they outplayed a tricky but not too spirited M.I.T. ten at Soldiers Field and won by the score of 9 to 8.

The Crimson stickmen led all the way except for a brief three minutes at the beginning of the last quarter when the score was tied. Ned Dewey and Bill Potter, however, each netted a quick goal at that time, and the game was on ice. Two minutes before the end, the Engineers scored their last goal when they intercepted a wild pass by a Crimson defenseman and drove in for a score but they still trailed by one point.

Dewey Stars

The individual star of the game was Ned Dewey, Crimson co-captain and midfieldman who, besides scoring three times on long angle shots, recovered many loose balls and broke up several M.I.T. scoring attempts. Russ Schubert and Bill Ennis, who shared the duties in the Crimson cage, each turned in several remarkable saves.

Although it had some good stick-handlers and shifty attackmen, the M.I.T. ten could not match the aggressiveness and drive of the Crimson who consistently won out when the game deteriorated into wild scrambles for loose balls.

Team Looks Better

As a unit the team looked better than it has in any of its previous games, but the defense clearing was still ragged, and the attack still lacked the potency which it will need when Williams and Exeter are its opponents.

Starting at the forward positions for the Crimson were Estin, Grady and Lange; at the midfield slots were Wood, Dewey, and Rohr, while Louria, Blanchard, and Graham opened the game at the defense, with Schubert occupying the cage. Other players who saw action were: Ennis, Hodge, Jessop, Arias, Snow, Borg, Richards, Potter, Smith, Frank, Chamberlain, Dodson, and Trinkle.

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