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Twenty-four-year-old Zaki Hashem, for the last three years a legal advisor to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and the League of Arab States, spoke up sharply yesterday in defense of Arab rights in Palestine. "The solution to the Jewish refugee problem," he said, "lies in eliminating the Fascist remnants which are driving the Jews out of Europe but not in a mass, immigration to Palestine.

"Packing a country with immigrants when a majority of that country are opposed to it is clearly contrary to the principles of democracy and self-determination. The Arab League is against such mass immigration because it is a political weapon against the Arab people of Palestine."

Hashem, an Egyptian scholarship student here, started work two months ago for his Ph.D. in International Relations as training to become a representative of Egypt in the United Nations Organization. A fluent speaker of French and Arabic as well as English, he collaborated with Badaoui Pasha, then Foreign Minister of Egypt, in the report to the Egyptian people on the San Francisco conference.

Stressing that the Arabs had no objection to Jewish immigration on a humanitarian basis, Hashem pointed out that Jews are freely admitted and welcomed in other free Arab states. He objected to reports that Palestine was economically capable of supporting many more people than now live there.

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