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Colorful Parade Tops Celebration of Fourth

Hardy Souls Take to Beaches For Brief Respite From Heat


University men who remained in Cambridge over the Fourth found devious means of marking the holiday.

Some wrestled indignant dowagers for the possession of seats from which to view the three-hour Centennial parade. In the official reviewing stand were Maurice Tobin, governor of Massachusetts; James Michael Curley, mayor of Boston; and Lieut.-Gen. Courtney L. Hodges, famed commander of the First Army.

Gas-filled balloons soared overhead and vendors shouted an encouraging "Ice cream bars--Still OPA ceiling," as thousands of Cantabrigians lined Massachusetts Ave, and Garden St. to cheer the marching columns. Highlight of the parade was the appearance of the U.S. Army band. The rest of the procession consisted of military and naval units, veterans organizations, floats, ponderous with symbolism, petite and hippy drum majorettes, and sweating, gaily-uniformed bands.

Yogi Exercises Popular

Athletic Harvard men did calisthentics--Yogi type-- on the banks of the Charles. Tennis courts were crowded with the exhuberantly healthy. A few traipsed off to the rock-strewn shores of Walden Pond or the flesh-strewn beaches of Revere.

The wealthier classes took in the Braves' double-header with the Phillies. One eager Anthropology student is reported to have wandered off in search of a zoo. But the overwhelming majority were to be found in the basement of McBride's in spiritual communion with a glass of schnapps.

A few scabs studied.

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