PBH's Nursery School Faces overcrowding

Forced to expand for the fall term, the University Nursery School already finds itself in the embarrasing position of not having expanded enough. The facilities for 40 children in the morning seasion and 40 in the afternoon will be inadequate when the school takes up operation in its new quarters next semester.

According to William J. Bender, councillor for Veterans, an influx of more than 3,000 married veterans this autumn has sent the anticipated number of accompanying offspring well above the original estimates.

Veterans Warned

Consequently, the school, which is now under construction, is already filled for the fall term; and newly admitted veterans are warned that their applications to have their children admitted to the nursery school must remain pending.

The present facilities of two rooms on the second floor of Phillips Brooks House were originally set up before the war and the coming shift to the new location on the corner of Kirkland Street and Kirkland Place, along with the consequent expansion, marks a continuance of that school.


The new building will be divided into three separate playrooms, one each for two, three, and four year olds. Each team has a door leading into an individuaL playground.