Math Club Fans Brighten Sessions With Beer, Prizes, Radcliffe Girls

With beer and pretzels as one of their more interesting concepts, the Mathematical Club this week is scheduling a series of evening meetings to be held on a bi-weekly basis this fall in Conant Hall, located on Oxford Street beyond the New Lecture Hall.

"Meetings will be open to all comers; however, frequent attenders will be asked to join the club," Secretary Margaret Drolette said yesterday, adding that payment of $3.00 annual dues entitles one to participate in the election of officers, to partake of the foaming ale, and to attend the meetings with a clear conscience.

Crisis in 1939

Speakers will be chosen in general from the ranks of University students and faculty members, and those who are undergraduates or teaching fellows will be eligible to compete for the Rogers Prize of $35.00. This award is made by vote of the club officers and faculty members, to the eligible speaker who gives the best talk of the year. There is a second-place prize of $15.00.

In past years the club has averaged 25 to 30 regular members, with attendance at meetings running between 40 and 50, A crisis arose in 1939 when 'Cliffedwellers sought admission to what was then an all-male aggregation, but the problem was solved by charging the girls annual dues of $2.00, which gave them the dubious privilege of attending the meetings without the right to vote and by adding Pepsi Cola to the store of refreshments.


New Officers

Since then, the girls have wielded increasingly potent slide rules, gaining full rights in 1943, and electing a female president in 1944.

Newly elected officers for this fall are as follows: Frank H. Stewart '38, President; Edwin Akutowiez 3G, Vice-President; and Miss Anne Childs, Radcliffe '47 and Joseph Pitcairn '43, Secretaries

Interested persons can get further information in Room 17, Little Hall.