Formal Intramural Sports Docket Resumed for First Time Since '42

Athletic officials will want no time in organizing the intramural sports program which is being conducted on a formal basis this fall for the first time since the war caused cancellation of all regular schedules in 1942, Adolph W. Samborski '26, Director of Intramural Athletics, said yesterday.

The schedules for competition between the seven houses and the freshman dormitories will be announced later, Samborski disclosed. House football, the first sport to be organized, will have its initial meeting on September 30. Soccer teams are slated for their first practice sessions soon after.

Among the other sports which will offer those students who have not yet completed four terms of residence at college a chance to meet the athletic requirements of three periods a week will be touch football, tennis, rowing, track, cross country, and swimming.

There will be a league consisting solely of the seven resident houses and Dudley Hall, center for commuting students. All house members may represent their house in any sport in which they are not a member of any varsity or 150-pound squad, or any sport in which they do not hold a varsity letter.

Houses, Freshmen Compete


A second part of the program will consist of an "intramural" league which will feature games between house teams and teams representing the freshmen dormitories. Freshmen teams will also compete with each other.

A University tennis tournament to be held sometime early this fall will be one one of the first events open to freshmen and all other undergraduates and graduates. A cross country handicap open to all members of the University is scheduled for October 4.

Oarsmen Get Instructions

Crew aspirants will find that activity limited to instruction and workouts aimed at making the task of shaping up rowers for next spring's crews a simpler task. There will be no intramural competition in this sport.

Responsibility for the organization of house athletic teams lies with the athletic secretaries for the various houses. These undergraduates together with certain University athletic officials comprise the Inter-House Athletic Council.

Scoring System Explained

Scoring for the house championship is computed on the basis of entrance of the houses into a sport and the position which it holds at the end of the competition. Points are forfeited for defaults by teams or individuals. Participation and placing in major sports credits a house with more points than those awarded for activity in minor sports. Included among the major sports are football, squash and basketball. Touch football, swimming, and tennis are listed as minor sports.

The coveted Percy S. Straus trophy, which is awarded at the end of the year to the all-around champion among the houses, was last won by Leverett House in 1942. Due to the informal nature of the competition since then this will mark the first year that competition for the trophy is open again.