Managers Extoll Joys of Running Football Players

Trips to Princeton or Hanover, association with the men who plan; play and assist the spectacular fall sport of football, options on choice football tickets, the prestige of winning Freshman numerals these are a few of the attractions to the Freshman Managerial Competition. To open participation as soon as possible to the incoming Freshmen, a meeting of all interested candidates for the competition will be held at 1:30 o'clock Wednesday, September 25, in the Varsity Club next to the Harvard Union. All men are invited to attend whether they have had past experience or not.

The Harvard managerial system of which its former members were justly proud and which "Life" magazine chose as the leading system in the country in 1939, is being restored in tune with the reestablishment of formal athletics. To revive the type of efficient and interested assistance which coaches and players require, ambitious and capable Freshmen are sought. The job calls for energy and application, but the rewards and attractions are ample.

Athletic Credits

The twenty to thirty candidates in the competition will solve their immediate requirements for athletics. Physical effort and mental effort are about equally divided. Thus as a satisfactory extracurricular activity the managerial competition is unexcelled.

Candidates will meet the members of their own class as well as upperclassmen. They will become acquainted with the officials of the University, and they will acquire a vast knowledge of the functioning of the University itself. The trips which will be made will enable four or more Freshmen to accompany the various teams to other colleges and schools.


Beginning September 25, the competition will end Saturday, November 9, after the Dartmouth game. The winner will be in complete charge of the following two weeks of preparation for the Freshman game with Yale. He will receive the major football numerals as well as the honor of the position gained. Assisting the winner will be the second and third men in the competition.

Varsity Football "H"

The first three men in the Freshman competition will be joined by two or three of the top-ranking candidates, and will take part in the Sophomore competition in the fall of 1947. The winner of this competition will become Varsity football manager the following year and will receive his major "H". The men placing second and third will become Junior Varsity and Freshman managers respectively and will receive the minor football "H".

As a result of the acceleration program which is still in effect, the system will be run temporarily on a three year basis instead of the old four-year basis. Thus those who have speeded up will be enabled to compete and still be eligible for the Varsity managership. The three-year plan will enable men who have already had a term or two at college to enter the competition if they have three more fall terms at Harvard.

As for the routine work, three to four days a week plus Saturday are necessary, and the total amount of time put in is usually not more than the time spent by the players. In the arrangement of afternoon schedules for the candidates, con- sideration is given to afternoon classes and labs.

Assignments for the afternoon will be given out at the morning meeting by the Sophomore managers. Freshmen will be assigned to one of the three fields--Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Freshman--or they may be assigned to the locker room or to the H.A.A. office. Rotation of the jobs each week affords general experience to all candidates and an opportunity to meet all the people on the stage and behind the scenes in Harvard football.

The present members of the managerial system are as follows: William P. Hall '45 and Robert B. Palmer '47, Varsity Co-Managers; Thomas Fischer '46, Georges Gostenhoffer '46, Dwight Nishimura '49, Gary Rapmund '49, Edwin Rooney '46, and George Warren '46, Second Assistant (Sophomore) Managers