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The Mail


To the Editors of the Crimson:

Edric Weld's letter in retaliation to the "vague," "biased," and "inflammatory" Crimson editorials seems designed to distort and obscure the basic issues. The charge that the Council is self-perpetuating and undemocratic is ignored, and the attack on the system of choosing a Council is neatly nullified by Weld who quotes out of context and then shouts "contradiction." If the Student Council is serious about justifying its activities to the student body, it must be primarily concerned with answering the main questions directed to it, and only secondarily interested in bickering with the Crimson.

Dismissing pertinent charges by howling "yellow journalism" may seem sufficient to the Council, but the student body will not be satisfied by such tacties. The Council should take immediate action on the report drawn up by the "informal" (incidentally, democratically elected) house committee. Why is it necessary for the Student Council to organize a committee of its own and spend six weeks reviewing the problem when a committee truly representative of the student body and with no vested interest to serve has already done the job? If the Student Council intends to serve the students of Harvard, it must do so; if it insists on serving the Council, it's time for a change. John C. Hunt '47.

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