Wherein Archy Is Pursued by A Lad in the Harvard Club

you know what said archy

what said mehitabel

i was in the harvard club in boston the other day just browsing you known and ran into a sophomore who was also just browsing, unpleasant chap he took a dislike to me

so said mehitabel

so he started chasing me across the rug a nice rug it was too. i retired underneath a deep leather couch but he was very unpleasant and crawled on his hands and knees mind you after me very boorish he was. he made a scene and a lot of other men stood around and gawped. i was embarrassed.

i should think said mehitabel. then what

i started up the wall and he came after me which is where he erred

yes said mehitabel

yes said archy he took a swipe at me with a rolled up newspaper. he knocked over a table and a nice lamp, so they threw him out of there.

well what else would you expect from a mere man

nothing i suppose said archy