Secretary to Try to Widen Union's Role

Murphy to Appoint Yardling Committee

Uncertainty and confusion of the sort that hindered organization of Union activities last year will not have a chance during 1947-48, the newly-appointed Secretary of the Union announced last night.

The prediction came from William C. Murphy '42 3L, who succeeded William C. Bradford, formerly Assistant Dean of Harvard College, as Union secretary early this month.

As an indication of the shape of things to come, Murphy pointed to the new, professionally-equipped darkroom that goes into operation for the first time today, and to the well-stocked music room, which will open its doors to Union members on Monday.

Will Form Committee

Murphy is now in the process of forming a Union Committee for 1947-48 from names submitted to him by the Freshman proctors, and expects that the final appointments to the group will be made "within the next fortnight."

"We aim to make the Union an important activities center this year," he said, "and we hope to increase the number of these activities as much as possible."

The new darkroom is under the general direction of Alfred L. Cotcher 1G, and will serve as headquarters for the Union Photographic Society.