Council Slates Campaign for $25,000 Fund

College-Wide Drive To Canvass All Men

The Student Council is today mobilizing agents from every entry in the College for a full-scale onslaught on undergraduates' pocketbooks in an attempt to raise $25,000 for charity, scholarships, College activities, and Council expenses. Opening gun will be fired tonight.

In the most concerted and carefully organized Service Fund campaign in the history of the Council, representatives of the Council and members themselves will tag every student, resident or commuter, either by direct solicitation or by mail.

Early Birds Safe

A continuation of Service Fund collections begun at registration, the drive at this time will spare all those who have contributed earlier this year, Council President Edric A. Weld, Jr. '46, declared last night.

Twenty-three thousand dollars of the 1947-48 Service Fund will be allocated to charity when collected, Weld revealed last night. The Council budget for this year is $30,000, of which approximately $5,000 has already been raised.

Six thousand dollars of the charity fund will be distributed through Phillips Brooks House, it is planned, while students of the College will decide what charities will receive the remaining $17,000 in a dining hall poll tomorrow.

In line with the new Council policy of "informing the voters," leaflets and brochures explaining in detail the activities of the Council and the specific purposes for which the fund will be used have already been distributed to gain favorable student opinion before the drive opens.