College Food Stand Settled By Discussion

Durant Points Out Truman Slash Bid Now Being Followed

Clarification of the College's position on the Truman food plan and permanent establishment of an inter house committee to hear student menu complaints conference with Aldrich after a '04, business manager of the University, yesterday.

Durant, who had earlier made clear his desire to "play ball with the nation" on meatless Tuesdays and eggless-poultry-less Thursdays told the Council members that this program was already being followed with proper substitutions.

Wheat policy Undefined.

Wheat, the other scare commodity which Truman proposes for greater European export, still is being consumed by the College at normal levels durant reported. He agreed to poll student opinion before ordering outs in bread, wheat cereals, and other combinations containing wheat.

To expedite the work of the newly established Council food committee, special boxes will be placed in each House where residents can register protests on any alleged deficincies in the diet.