Houston, Pierce on Injured List, Rodies Moves on Tackle

Mazzone Returns as Varsity Polishes Up Passing Offense Kennedy Out for This Week

The manhunt was on against at Soldiers Field yesterday, but this time Dick Harlow was looking for tackles, not fullbacks. Regular tackles Chet Pierce and Howie Houston are both on the medical list, at least temporarily. Whether they will be able to play Saturday will probably be decided by the doctors this afternoon.

In an effort to plug the gap in the Crimson frontline, Harlow switched newly returned Nick Rodis over one spot from his guard position yesterday, and is eyeing Dean Markham as a possible starter. With Rodies shifting to tackle, Jim Feinberg remains the choice for starting guard, alongside Emil' Dravaric.

Mazzone Returns

Elsewhere on the injury front, the news is encouraging. Jim Kenary appears to be coming along well, and high "Stretch" Mazzone, pass-catching flankman, rejoined the B squad yesterday. However, another end, Bob Kennedy, will not play Saturday.

Since the Varsity has still not recovered completely from its brush with Holy Cross' pachyderms Saturday, yesterday's practice emphasized ball handling and dummy scrimmage instead of heavy contact work.


While a Faculty contingent including Deans Bender, Duhig and former-Dean Hanford watched from the sidelines, the Freshmen again ran through the Big Green offensive repertoire of plays against the A and B teams. During the A and B squad pass offense drills that followed, Chuck Roche and Jim Noonan did most of the tossing, and occasionally backfield coach Bob Margarita showed the receivers how it's done with some neat completions. Punting under pressure, and signal drills under the flood lights completed the workout.

Fooled DiGangi Coach Harlow enlivened the proceeding by explaining how the Crimson's tight 6-3-1-1 defense puzzled 250-pound Crusader tackle DiGangi in the Stadium Saturday, DiGangi was calling Crimson defenses and the first time he looked at the Varsity forward wall lineing up, he hiked, "Five, six, seven-no, by God, ninne!"

The A team lineup during signal drills: le, Fiorentino; It, Gorcyznski; 1g, Feinberg; c, Stone; rg, Drvaric; rt, Rodis; re, Hill; qb, O'Donnell; 1hb, Nonan; rhb, Gannon; fb, Lazzaro.