H.Y.D. to Present Ten Lectures on U.S. Art, Culture

Harvard Youth for Democracy enters the nightly extracurricular lecture field on Wednesday night when its magazine, The New Student, presents the first of a series of ten lectures in a Symposium on Contemporary American Culture. According to an announcement last night by Edward A. Siegler '48, director of the series, playwright James Gow will open the symposium with a program on the drama in Emerson D.

Co-author of "Deep are the Roots" and "Tomorrow the World," Gow will follow the general outline of the series in presenting the problems of drama in America and a resume of its development as an art from here. After Gow comes a program on concert music scheduled for November 5 and one on folk music November 26.

Supplements Publication

According to William Labov '48, editor of the New Student, the symposium is designed to supplement the purposes of the HYD's magazine which is scheduled to reach the news-stands on November 13. Featuring articles on politics and other fields, the New Student plans to present "original progressive thinking and detailed experience of students."

The fourth in the series of programs will be on American jazz and, as tentatively planned, will consist of a concert by Art Hodes, Sidney Bechet, Wild Bill Davison, Pops Foster, Freddie Moore, and J. P. Johnson. Next on the schedule is the radio, then literature, painting, the dance, and films.

The last program will be the problems of the Negro in America with Paul Robeson as the guest lecturer. Howard Fast will speak on the literature program while Joe Solomon, one of the Pepsi-Cola prize winners, will present the painting lecture.