Booters Battle Downstream Today

Soccer Eleven Goes For Fourth Triumph Against Sliderulers

Down the river at marbled M.I.T. they follow the Hutchins line on major sports, but minor ones still exist--if in an undernourished condition. Coach James MacDonald's Varsity soccer team meets the fattest of the Engineers' underemphasized athletic squads at M.I.T. this afternoon in the fond hope that the Techmen will provide the same type of fragile opposition as in years past.

Poley Guyda's Freshman soccer team simultaneously puts its undefeated record on the line when it meets Andover at Andover, Mass.

"M.I.T. has a team of brilliant players," Coach MacDonald said yesterday, "but they generally play like eleven individuals and spend most of their time trying to score one-man goals. This usually leads to defeats." MacDonald figures he has a good team this year, and also stands by the traditional soccer theory that a good team will beat eleven individual stars any day.

Downed Crimson Last Year

Last spring the Engineers played a Crimson team composed half of present starters and half of substitutes and had little trouble defeating them 6 to 1. Since then, however, the Engineers have lost a couple of men while the Crimson has gained condition, new men, and team play. So far against outside opposition the Techmen have a .500 record while the Crimson is running at .750.

As a result of Monday's practice Coach MacDonald plans to make a major change in his lineup for the Tech game. Against a team from the graduate school Hans Estin scored six goals from the center forward position, and accordingly Mac has made him the regular finisher while shifting Phil Potter to inside.

The probable starting lineup: Batchelder, g.; Burrowes, r.g.; Scully, l.f.; Mavor (capt.), r.h.; Ogden, c.h.; Louria, l.h.; Heisler, r.o.; Potter, r.i.; Estin, c.f.; Chun, l.i. Dawson, l.o.

Yardlings Face Andover

At Andover the Yardlings rate as the favorites on the basis of past records. With a new coach this year, the Andover team recently dropped a game to the traditionally weak Governor Dummer squad.

The probable starting lineup: Snook, g; Darrow, l.f.; Wogan, r.f.; Weiss, r.h.; Gabler, c.h.; Hansen, l.h.; Houston, r.o.; Krogius, r.i. Garden, c.f.; Johnson, l.i.; Wolf, l.o.