$250,000 Left To University For New Chair

A bequest of "more than $250,000" has been given to the University for the establishment of a new chair to be known as the Gardiner chair in Oceanic History and Affairs, the New York County Surrogate's Court announced last week.

According to the will left by Mrs. Mary McBurney Gardiner, who died September 26 at her home in New, York, the sum granted will be held in trust until after the death of her husband, William Howard Gardiner, president of the Navy League from 1928 to 1933.

Describes Scope

Mrs. Gardiner's will describes the scope of the Gardiner Chair as "for the study and teaching of the geography and history of the sea and ocean areas" and the natural and human factors ashore that affect their use as channels of communications.

The will states that the study may include either peaceful or martial aspects of the naval history and points in particular to how the maritime area has "affected and may affect the security and progress of the U.S.A"