Authors of 'Speak for Yourself Team Up To Write Hasty Pudding's Centennial Show

For its centennial show, Hasty Pudding will produce a musical comedy by the co-authors of last year's colorful "Speak for Yourself."

Craig Gilbert '47, William Scudder '48, and Courtney Crandall '46 have come up with the script, lyrics, and music for a play about life in a small American town at the turn of the century. It became the theatrical committee's choice after a full week of deliberation, theatrical president W. Todd Parsons '48 said last night.

Still without a name, the show will go into rehearsal in November with casting scheduled for the end of this month and will go on the road Christime time.

With the exception of a few war years, the Pudding has been producing theatricals since 1844. Parsons, who handled the business arrangements last year, will be manager of the play and his assistants will be vice-president David S. Biddle '49, stage manager Peter V. Poor '46, and publicity director John Munroe, Jr. '46.